Super Bible Readers Bulletin Board

Monday, November 16, 2015

This is another bulletin board I have wanted to create and I thought the class I have right now would love. I wanted to keep the super power people to a minimum and key in on reading and studying the Bible. I have had this set for a while and really like that it is about reading.

I am not permitted to give you the people and the bolts plain like you see in my board above, so you can purchase them here. They are enlarged to a full size sheet of paper and I added Holy Bible on the books. *The kids are in the download, but with a 'Super' design behind them.

I was going to purchase this Superhero border to use, but I didn't have time to stop at the store and I really wanted to keep the comic superhero to a minimum. I had this star border in my stash and it is more what I wanted. So, any star border or plain red would work. If you have the blue paper with clouds on it, that would be a great background.

Click here to download the Super Bible Readers set.
The graphics are called Scrappy Super Readers by Graphics By the Pond.
 You can see and purchase the full set here.

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