Bible People Match-Up Game

Saturday, February 13, 2016
The series of Preschool lessons that I am making projects to use also included Jesus when He stayed behind at the temple. But, I was working on T is for Temple and decided to use this printable for both posts.

Since Jesus was studying at the temple, I created these to look like a Bible. I discussed different Bible facts, like how many parts of the Bible, first book, first verse, etc., then we discussed some of the people of the Bible. These are mostly review for lessons they have just had, but I used some of the most known Bible people, and finished with Jesus. Directions are included and color & black & white are both in the download. Click here to download.
These can be printed just as they are, but I put mine together just a little different. I printed a black & white to use as a template and cut around the whole outside of the book. I used that as a pattern and cut out my books from color cardstock.

I printed the 'inside' of the book (color or black & white) onto white cardstock and cut off the outside of the book, keeping just the inside with the edges of the pages attached. (See picture) I cut 10" pieces of ribbon.
I folded both the outside cover and the inside in half, making a firm crease. I put glue on the back of the inside, making sure I had glue along both sides of the center crease and at the top where the ribbon would be attached. I folded one end of the ribbon about 1" and laid it to the back, top right and added glue to the other side of the 1"piece of ribbon. This is so the ribbon will be glued to both sides of the book. Lay the inside to the correct place in the book and smooth out edges.

I also added this label to the outside front. And added a pocket I had purchased at my local teacher's store. You can add an envelope also. Click here for the front label.
Click here to see the extended lesson, visuals & more for early elementary for Jesus at the Temple.
Click here to see T is for Temple for preschool.

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