Lifting Up the King VBS: Throne

Friday, May 20, 2016
We are studying some of the great kings of the Bible for VBS this year. We called it Lifting up the King because that is the theme for this year and it tied in perfectly.
I created a different wall for each king, but I have a tent that I keep in one corner and need to cover each year for VBS. I decided to make this corner look like a throne room this year. I had wanted to make the whole room look like a throne room, but as I worked on each person, I changed my mind. I wanted Jesus on His throne in heaven. That was the first change. Then, I wanted Josiah reading the scroll outside.

I left a message on Facebook asking if anyone had a wood chair they could donate to VBS so I wouldn't have to buy one. Yah, Lindsey had one and brought it to the church building for me. I really wanted one with arms, and this one had them.
For this chair, we (ok, I said what I wanted and my husband made it happen) cut off the ends to make it not rock.
My husband added 1x2's along the bottom sides to make it flat. We purchased sanded plywood to enclose the bottom under the seat.
He sanded the decals off the chair so when it was painted, they didn't show. We attached these wood Artistic Appliques (large in middle & small on sides) If you really want your throne to be decorative and have the money, these can be added on the bottom frame.
Then, we spray painted the whole chair with this gold paint (Wal Mart #9194 Gold).

We added this fringe along the bottom of the chair and used (1.5" wide) ribbon along the corners of the bottom frame. (It covered any gaps and was decorative)
To finish it off, I purchased 2 of these pillows (I figured it would be the cheapest way and they fit good for this chair). I found purple fabric to cover the pillows. I used thought about using steel tacks to attach the purple fabric to the back of the chair, but it looked great as it is. And, I just wanted it to be done. ☺ Last, I added the pillow for the seat after sewing a cover (like a sealed pillow case for both pillows).
Come back (available in July) to see more about the area that was created for this throne.

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  1. Wow.. what a transformation Debbie! The throne is beautiful..purple is one of my favorite colors! You and your husband need to have your own TV show:) I'm sure the kids at VBS will be thrilled to see the throne. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful week and may God continue to richly bless you as you help children understand the truths in God's word


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