Peter Freed From Prison

Friday, June 17, 2016
The kids really loved this lesson! They loved when I knocked on the table as I talked about Peter knocking on the gate. They really like the simple paper chains.

Peter taught people about Jesus and with God’s power, he healed people with miracles. He has been teaching so many people about Jesus, that the king put Peter in prison.

Peter was in prison waiting for his trial. He was chained with two soldiers on each side of him and there were two soldiers guarding the door of his prison cell.
While Peter was in prison, the Christians were together praying for Peter. Who were they praying to? (God)
Peter was asleep the night that King Herod was ready to take him out of prison to go to his trial. An angel from God came and woke Peter up. The angel told Peter to "Hurry, get up!" The chains fell off of Peter's hands!
The angel told him to get dressed and when Peter was ready, the angel told Peter to follow him.
Peter followed the angel, and they went right past the guards, and they came to the iron gate that led into the city. The gate opened by itself, and they went out and went down one street, then the angel left Peter by himself.
Peter went to the house where a lot of Christians were praying for him. He knocked on the door and a girl named Rhoda answered.
When she recognized Peter's voice, she was so excited that he was there, she didn't open the gate! Instead, she ran in and announced to everyone that Peter was at the gate! They did not believe her, but Rhoda kept telling them that Peter was really outside at the gate.
Peter knocked again and when they finally opened the door, and saw that Peter really was outside! They were amazed! Peter explained that God sent His angel to take him out of prison. God answered their prayers and Peter was safe.

Scripture is Acts 12:1-17.
We usually begin class with a prayer and the students all pray. But, for this lesson, I told them we were changing it a bit because prayer was a large part of the lesson. After singing a couple songs and doing our Bible Fact Cards, I had the students put on these chains. Super easy to make! And they have so much fun with them! For these, I used my paper cutter and cut 5 pieces of color paper about 3/4"x8 1/2". Just staple your loop after inserting a strip into the previous loop. I just made 5 loops per set of chains.
The backgrounds can be printed on both sides of a sheet of paper. Or, each background can be printed on separate sheets of paper. On the back of one, add glue along the sides and the bottom. Put the two back together to form a pocket to hold the people. Cut around the outside solid line of the people and fold on the dotted line. Peter is in prison on one side and turned over he is dressed and out of prison following the angel. Rhoda can peek over the top of the (paper) wall. Click here to download.
Not all are shown.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
Click here to see the lesson & more for early elementary ages.


  1. What a wonderful story to teach about, and the crafts look like so much fun! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday, Debbie! Hope to see you join the party again this week :)

  2. It's a wonderful, faith-building Bible story!

  3. Debbie...I just studied this teaching and loved it so it's a joy to see it as the focus lesson here. Thank you for sharing this at Monday's Musings. :-)


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