Preschool Bulletin Boards

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
The room we use for our Wednesday night 3 year old class is also a Mother's Day Out class. The Bible class teacher usually has one bulletin board, but I asked if I could do all of them for the summer. This first quarter we are teaching Genesis, so these can also be used to review God's Creation.
Anyway, this quarter is Genesis and I decided to use Joseph for this one. I used this graphic and enlarged it poster board size. For Joseph and his coat, I painted everything but the coat, then made a pattern for it. I laid tissue paper on the poster board and drew it out. I used that to cut the coat from some fabric I bought last year. It was just screaming Joseph to me and I almost didn't buy it. My niece Christina talked me into it, and it was perfect for this. I used rubber cement to glue the coat fabric to the poster board. The arrows are here (most teacher's supply stores will carry them). The pyramids are from the Joseph set (2).
I enlarged this Joseph and after painting him, I attached jewels to the arm bands, headband, neck thingie ☺and belt. I can't give you the graphics plain, but they are affordable, especially if you watch for a TPT sale. Joseph 1  and Joseph 2
What I will use as a discussion is Joseph and his coat on the left, then the arrow pointing the changes he went through. He went to Egypt and was second to Pharaoh.
This board was going to be creation and I wanted outdoors. I purchased the animal set below to use here. But the animals were too big. So, I put this set on the smaller board. We can talk about all the colorful things God made. They can't read, but if we have time after a lesson, we can discuss the manners that God likes us to use. This set is Garden of Good Manners and can be found at most Teacher's supply stores. Most can order it for you if they do not have it in stock. I liked this for summer, too. This is the border. This is the bulletin board set.
So, for this board and the Garden of Good Manners bulletin board, I put the blue up, then cut the green to look like hilly grass. The title says "We're Wild About..." God's Creation. It's really cute in person! As usual, the photos just do not do justice. We will use it to discuss and review all the animals God created. They can name these and tell us their favorites. Wild Bulletin Board Set
I used this simple Birth of Jesus Bulletin Board for the quarter. The graphics are from a Nativity Bulletin Board Set here.  I used this paper for the night sky as the background. I have used these Moroccan letters for several bulletin boards.


  1. I love your bulletin boards! We are just getting ready to study the creation story. Thank you!


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