Summer Bible Bulletin Boards by Nicole

Tuesday, July 5, 2016
 New bulletin boards by Nicole Whitacre. Thanks for sharing your ideas Nicole!
Some are appropriate for Spring/Summer, others are great for any season!
Nicole has shared descriptions for these.
Navy fabric with burlap to look like dirt, Insect border from Dollar Tree, Shovel from Walmart, Bible is from Betty Lukens, and the Sun from Yard Sale.
Green fabric for background, Gold shiny border from Dollar Tree, Large Bills of Money from Dollar General, Large coins from Dollar Tree, and the Emoji from HEB in Texas.
Black fabric for background and 4 eggs in one that you can buy at Easter from Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or Walmart. I drew cracks on the large egg with a dry erase marker. I am going to color it in so that it will look more cracked.
White fabric for background, Lollipops and Bath sponge candies from Mighty Dollar in Kentucky, and the blasts were made from the Cricut with the words on them. The words are: Jesus Christ, Joy, Grace, Love, Eternal Life, Forgiveness and Peace. You can download free graphics that are perfect for this here.

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