Genesis Preschool Lesson Links

Monday, December 5, 2016
I am creating a lesson plan for a year for our Wednesday night 3 year old class. This post will have the links so you can find each lesson. This is the first quarter which is Genesis. I like to go through the Bible beginning with Genesis and we will end with Jesus returning to heaven. There will be three quarters of the Old Testament and the last quarter will be about Jesus. Each of these posts will have the visuals updated and ready to use and matching Pictures to Color.
These are the links to the Genesis Preschool series.
Please use the search bar on the right to find more on your topic.
Beginning May 5, 2017: Quarter #2
Moses, Joshua & More
List of Links Available September 6, 2017
Beginning September 8, 2017: Quarter # 3
Kings, Prophets & More
List of Links Available December 6, 2017
Beginning November 11, 2016: Quarter #4
List of Links Available Soon!
Acts for Preschool will be added in January, 2018.
This link will be active December 15, 2017.


  1. Hello ! Oh ! I'm looking for the lesson about Noah's ark, but it seems that the link doesn't work... could you help me find the lesson about noah's ark for pre-school? (I'm from France and I LOVE the way you teach the kids ! thank you so much for sharing your great work !)

    1. Hello Anne, you can click on the titles under each picture to be taken to the post. Also, there are a lot more posts for Noah! Just click on Noah or use the search bar on the right to find more. These are the newest at this time, though. Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it!


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