New Testament Occupations

Monday, February 27, 2017
A short post with this worksheet for some jobs in the New Testament to use with Jesus and Paul.

Even though there are more jobs listed in the New Testament, I wanted specific people's jobs. This worksheet was created to use with Paul making tents with Aquila and Priscilla but can obviously be used for other lessons. This would be a great lesson by itself to talk about the work people in the Bible did. Add shepherd, farmer, etc.

This has been updated and includes Anchor Charts with the answers 
which can also be used for bulletin boards, etc. 

You can find free visuals here and some different ones here for some Bible occupations. These would be perfect to create a lesson.
Click here to see one of the Aquila and Priscilla posts.


  1. This worksheet is perfect for me to use this Sunday as it is our Spring Break so I am expecting a very small class and didn't want to do my regular lesson. However, I am having trouble figuring out how Matt 18:21 refers to fisherman? I'm going to do some searching and use an alternate verse for now but I thought maybe it was a typo? Thanks for all your hard work and for offering your materials for free!

    1. Cass, thanks so much for letting me know! It has been corrected. Thanks for stopping by!


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