Friday, March 3, 2017

4. 10A. Jesus Healed a Man that Couldn’t Hear or Speak
This is lesson 10A of our study of  Jesus for preschool. Jesus heals a man that can't hear or speak.
Jesus and His disciples were visiting different towns and they stopped at the Sea of Galilee. Jesus was healing and teaching the people. So many people wanted to see Jesus! They came to Him to be healed. Let’s learn about someone Jesus healed. (Mark 7:31-37)
There was a man that was deaf. That means he could not hear. The man was also mute. That means he could not talk. The people begged Jesus to heal him.
( Have the students cover their ears. Pretend to talk, but not out loud. This helps them to understand.)
Jesus took the man and walked with him away from the crowd of people.
Jesus put His fingers in the man’s ear. Then, Jesus spit and touched his tongue! Jesus looked up into heaven and said “Be opened.”
Immediately the man could hear and talk! This is the first time he could talk, but he talked perfect! Jesus healed the man. A miracle is an act of God. Jesus did a miracle!
Jesus told the people not to tell anyone, but people were so excited about Jesus! Everyone that saw the miracles that Jesus did, wanted to tell their friends about His power. The people were so amazed to see His miracles!
The people said that Jesus could make the deaf hear and the mute be able to talk. The people said that “Jesus has done all things well.”
This sounds funny, but the students can put their fingers in the man's ears like Jesus did. They can pretend to spit and pull out this man's tongue. Of course, they thought this was funny and loved it!  Directions are included. Click here to download.
This foldable one-page booklet includes the pages you see above. Color and black & white are both in the pack. Click here to download.


  1. This lesson certainly puts the power of God on display!

  2. Is there a license I can purchase so I may use the booklet in my Sunday school class this weekend? Thank you so much!

    1. Shannon, everything here is an instant free download and can be printed, given and used with your class, VBS, etc. You do not need a license as permission is given in each download. Thanks for being here.

    2. Great! Thank you so much! I just found your site today and am really enjoying your work.

  3. I was just hired to work at a church and they need me to lead the primary grade class THIS Sunday. Your information was very helpful. I especially appreciate the skin color of Jesus and the deaf man.


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