4.11. Parable: The Lost Sheep & Lost Coin

Friday, March 17, 2017
This continues our series learning about Jesus. This is week 10 in the fourth quarter of a year of Preschool Bible Study that I assist with on Wednesday evening.
I decided to divide this lesson into the two parts. We talked about the lost sheep first because I hid the one sheep. Then, we discussed the lost coin.
A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning that Jesus taught. Jesus told a parable (story) about a shepherd and lost sheep. Jesus began the parable by asking “If a man had 100 sheep and he lost one of them, what would he do? Wouldn’t he leave the 99 in the wilderness to go search for the one that is lost until he finds it?” He would look and look until he finds that lost sheep!

When the shepherd finds the lost sheep, wouldn’t he lay it on his shoulders and celebrate that he found it? When he gets home, he would call together his friends and neighbors saying to them “Celebrate with me because I have found my lost sheep!”

Jesus is the Great Shepherd. He takes care of His sheep. We are His sheep, His people that He watches over.
www.biblefunforkids.comThis is the sheep I hid and searched for. I walked around with the shepherd's hook and used it to pull down the sheep.

Now, let’s talk about another parable that Jesus told.

I created this headband for the lost sheep. Print on cardstock, cut and staple the band on. We let the kids glue cotton on for an added sheep effect. Click here to download. 
www.biblefunforkids.com www.biblefunforkids.com
The Lost Sheep song flipchart and the Lost Coin have the same tune. It is the same tune as The Prodigal Son song found here.

I purchased the Lamb of God Sheep found here to hide and for them to take home.

There was a woman that had ten silver coins. But she lost one of the coins!
She lit a lamp, swept the entire house, corners and all, to search carefully for the lost coin. She looked and looked for the lost coin... She didn't stop looking until she found that lost coin!
When she finally found it, she called her friends together to celebrate that she had found the coin that was lost. Even though she had 9 other coins, she looked carefully until she found the lost coin.

Jesus wanted the people to understand that for those that are lost, Jesus will welcome you back and rejoices when you return.
Scripture reference: Matt. 18:12-14; Luke 15:1-7; John 10:1-18
I carry the lamp and use a broom to 'look' for the lost coin. When I am done with the lesson, we let the kids look for coins that I hide before class. They love this!

 I purchased packs of giant coins in the birthday isle at Dollar Tree. I hid the silver coins and let them take them home. I used the others for Solomon.
Click here to download the lesson.
Click here to print the Lost Sheep visuals.
Click here to print the Lost Sheep Pictures to Color.

Click here to download the visuals for the Lost Coin.
(Used with permission)
I created this door hanger and used it with this lesson. I posted it by itself since it could be used for several lessons. Click here to see it.
Click here to see the lesson, and some of the hands-on visuals that I used with this lesson.
More ideas and printables here.
http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2016/02/cathys-corner-parable-of-lost-sheep.html      http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2012/12/jesus-good-shepherd-ffg-more-for.html
Different visuals and a set of posters for Parables.
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