Paul Preaches in Antioch Cross Foldable

Monday, March 27, 2017
This is an updated foldable cross that was previously posted here.

 This is a short post with a new improved cross foldable ☺. Since this was originally posted, I have purchased newer programs and have learned new ways to update the visuals, etc. I used this one in class recently and had to update it for my own use, so I added more so you have more choices to print.
This includes a completed page for a teacher's visual. This is the new one I used in class. The students just cut around the outside, had fun folding and it was done. There is a cut and glue in color and black & white. There is also a plain one for students to write the facts about each person. I also added a page with directions to fold. But it really doesn't matter how it is folded. It should be a square after each part is folded.
Click here to see the original lesson & more.

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