4.12B. Resurrection of Jesus

Friday, April 7, 2017
This continues the Life of Jesus for preschool. Today's lesson is His Resurrection.
Jesus did so many great things! Most people loved Him. They saw Jesus do miracles to prove who He was. But, some people didn’t believe He really was God’s Son. They put Jesus on a cross to die.

After Jesus died on the cross, He was laid in a new tomb. It was a cave cut into a large rock. They rolled a big rock in front of the opening to cover it.
There were Roman soldiers guarding the tomb where Jesus was. Jesus was in the tomb and on the third day, there was a great earthquake and an angel came down from Heaven and rolled back the stone! The guards were so scared that they passed out!

At dawn on Sunday morning while it is still dark, several women that were friends of Jesus, were going to the tomb. The women were wondering how they were going to move the stone that was blocking the door. They wanted to put spices that they brought with them on the body of Jesus.
When the women arrived at the tomb, they saw the stone was already moved and when they went into the tomb, they found it empty. Jesus wasn’t there!

An angel from heaven told the women not to be afraid. He knew that they were looking for Jesus and the angel told them that Jesus wasn’t there because He had arisen! Jesus is alive!

The angel told the women to "Go, quickly, and tell the Disciples that Jesus has risen and that Jesus would see them in Galilee."  (Matthew 28:1-28)
I decided to remake this and copy it like the Lazarus printable I created. This has the rock moving to the side though and Jesus on a craft stick. This is all on a one page printable. Click here to download.
For this project, attach a brad and the stone will move away from the tomb entrance. This includes the black & white. I attached Jesus to a large craft stick. Click here to print.
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