Spotlight on Paul Bulletin Board

Monday, April 24, 2017
Just a short post with an idea for a new bulletin board!
This can be used for any person or lesson!
I found this Night Sky bulletin board paper last March. I usually try to plan my boards that will have to be put up after VBS while I am planning the room layout for VBS. The teacher's supply can be nonexistent after VBS, so I hoard gather my supplies early. Anyway, I love all these new backgrounds available from Fadeless.

I wanted to have some type of Spotlight on Paul for our study on the book of Acts. I found this Lights, Camera, Action! bulletin board set. I didn't use too much of it, though. I used the spotlights and the lighted sign.

For the border, I found this Lots of Dots Yellow. And because I didn't feel like cutting letters (um, lazy because my machine cuts them) and I really liked these Painted Palette Ombre Yellow Moroccan letters that matched really nice. Yep, one-stop shopping from my local teacher's supply store!

I decided to use the same pictures that I used for Snapshots of Paul. I updated them, added a short title, and corrected the pictures. Click here to download the pictures.
Since I didn't like it spread out so much once I had it up, I rearranged it! I shifted everything to one side and with the 43" I had left on the right, I added Damascus. You can purchase the graphic here for Damascus. I used an overhead projector to enlarge it onto 2 sheets of poster board. I painted it, cut it out and stapled it to the bulletin board. I stapled a basket I had to the window (window is in 2 Cor. 11:33). I used the same letters above for Damascus.
I found this Gray Marquee Border that is perfect with this Spotlight idea!
A couple weeks after we studied Damascus, I changed the right board over to Jerusalem. Paul left Jerusalem at night for safety reasons. You can download a Jerusalem city free here. I decided to keep the same city background since they basically looked the same to me. Click here to download the soldiers for the Jerusalem bulletin board.
You can see the Snapshots of Paul Bulletin Board and more here.

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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas and pictures. I plan to use them in my lesson this weekend. God bless you!! :)


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