2.2. Moses & the Burning Bush

Friday, May 12, 2017
We are studying Moses for this second quarter with preschool. This is lesson #2. There is so much for Moses; it was hard to pick which lessons to teach!
Last week we learned about Moses. Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible, and we find our lessons in the book of Exodus. Moses’ father was Amram and his mother was Jochebed. Moses had a sister Miriam and an older brother named Aaron.
Moses left Egypt and lived in Midian. He took care of sheep for his father-in-law Jethro. One day, when Moses was moving the sheep, he came to Horeb, which was the mountain of God. An angel appeared in the flame of fire in a bush, except the bush wasn’t burning!
God called from the bush “Moses, Moses! Take off your shoes because this is holy ground.” God told Moses that He has seen how the Hebrew people were being treated in Egypt and has decided to deliver them from captivity. God told Moses that he is the one God wants to go before Pharaoh and take them out of Egypt.
Moses said “Why me and what am I supposed to tell them?” God said “I AM WHO I AM. Tell the people that I AM sent you.” So, Moses asked “What if they don’t believe me or they won’t listen to me?”
God told Moses to throw down his staff and it turned into a snake… Moses ran from it! When Moses picked it up by the tail, it returned to his staff.
Moses still isn't convinced, so God tells him to "Put your hand by your chest." Moses does, and when he pulls out his hand, it has leprosy! When Moses repeats it, his hand is normal. God tells Moses that He can do anything! 
God told Moses that He knew that Pharaoh wasn't going to let the people leave Egypt. So, Moses was going to use God’s power and Pharaoh WOULD let the people go! God told Moses “They will believe.”
Moses still isn’t sure about it and replied “But God, I really don’t talk very well.”
God told Moses to go to Aaron, his brother, and Aaron will do the talking and you will show the proof of Me.” Moses took his family and returned to Egypt.
Scripture for this lesson is Exodus 3:1-4:17.
Visuals I used for this lesson are the burning bush. You can find the easy directions to make one here.
I found this great snake a couple of years ago at a Halloween store. I throw down my staff and show the snake. I am very clear that I can't turn the stick into a snake, but God can and did for Moses.
You can find these hands during the Halloween season. I found these at Michaels. Dollar Tree has had a similar style the last couple of years. I tuck it under my arm pit before class and wear a jacket over it. During the lesson, I put my hand under my jacket and pull out the hand. Then, put my hand back under the jacket and leave the hand. It makes for a great visual, but they see everything afterwards and know that only God has the power to do this.
The kids love using dot markers. I purchased them at Michaels with the percent off coupons. We have the students do the worksheets before the lesson to give the papers time to dry. This download includes the color and black & white printables. Click here to download.
(All are not shown.)
Click here to download the pictures to color.
These are the same, but are black & white.


Click here for the lesson, printables & more for early elementary ages.
Click here for a tri-fold visual and more ideas & printables.

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