2.5. Moses: Water From a Rock

Friday, June 2, 2017
Water from a rock continues our preschool Bible lessons. It is #5 in the second quarter.
We have been learning about Moses. Moses is found in the Old Testament in the book of Exodus. God sent Moses to Egypt to talk to Pharaoh. When the people left Egypt, God showed them the way with pillar of cloud during the day and the flame at night. When the people needed to cross the Red Sea, God divided the water and they crossed on dry ground.
Moses has obeyed God and is leading the Israelites as they travel. As they are traveling, they begin to get thirsty. There isn’t any water for them to drink!
They started to complain to Moses “We are so thirsty! We need water!”
Moses asked them “Why are you complaining to me?” They told Moses that they are so thirsty. Why did they leave Egypt just to suffer in the wilderness? They are thirsty. The animals are thirsty. The children are thirsty.
Moses asked God for help. Moses told God that the people were so upset they were about to hurt him. What did God want Moses to do?
God told Moses to “Take some of the elders of Israel and go before the people. Take your staff in your hand and I will be with you. Use your staff to hit the rock and water will come out of it. Let the people drink the water from the rock.”
Moses did what God told him to do. He took some of the elders with him. When Moses used his staff to hit the rock, the water came pouring out just like God said.

God took care of the people and next week we will learn more about providing for them.

Lesson found in Exodus 17:1-7
This a one sheet of paper foldable. Print your choice of color or black & white, then fold in half. One side has Moses at the rock, then the other side has Moses with the water pouring from the rock. This is a great way for the students to re-tell the Bible facts they learned. Click here to print.
Please note that these visuals are updated, color corrected, etc. and not exactly as shown above. 
Click here to print the Pictures to Color.
Click here to see the lesson & more for early elementary ages.

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