2.6. God Provides Manna & Quail

Friday, June 9, 2017
I have several of this lesson and still created something new! This is super fun for the kids to do! This lesson is number 6 in the second quarter of our preschool class. 

We are learning about Moses. We can read all about him in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament of the Bible. God sent Moses and his brother Aaron to Egypt to talk to Pharaoh. After God sent ten plagues, Pharaoh let the people leave Egypt.
Last week we learned about God leading the people away from Egypt in a pillar of clouds during the day and a pillar of fire at night. When they came to the Red Sea, Moses lifted up his staff and all the waters parted! The Red Sea divided with water on each side, and the Israelites walked on dry ground!

As the people traveled, they complained about food. They complained that they could have had food in Egypt, and why did Moses take them from Egypt, just to die of hunger in the wilderness?
God said He was going to "rain bread from heaven for them." God would feed them, but He was going to test them also! God sent food for the people! God sent quail in the evening for the people to eat.  They covered the ground!
In the morning, there was dew all around the camp. (Explain dew) When the dew lifted, it was small, round like a coriander seed the people called manna. The people ground it up to make small cakes, then the people baked them. (Wikipedia) The manna was white and tasted like a wafer made with honey.

For five days, the people were only allowed to pick up 1 Omer per person in their tent. On the sixth day, they were to pick up enough for two days. God would provide
it every day, except for the seventh day, which was the Sabbath Day, a day of rest.
If they saved any extra manna, it stank and had worms coming from it! The people gathered their portion, and when the sun became hot, what was left on the ground, melted away.

God took care of His people, and this is what the people ate for 40 years while they were wandering in the wilderness.

The lesson is found in Exodus 16.
This is what we did for this review project. The plates of manna & quail (as shown above) were printed and cut out. The students glued one to the bottom of a 9” paper plate. Then, they glued the title ‘God Feeds Me’ that is included to the front side of their plate. Before class, I had cut out as many pictures of different foods from magazines and grocery ads as I could find. The students picked various foods and glued them to their plate. I put a message on my Facebook page, or you can ask for magazine donations another way that suits you. You can also purchase food stickers to use. There are several choices of stickers here. This can be used by itself. This can also be used to be glued to a paper plate without other foods. Click here to download.
I set up this display using oyster soup crackers for the students to pick up the manna. But, instead of using my fake birds, I printed these standups for them to pick up and take home. Click here to print the standup quail for the students.
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Visuals are for Exodus 17. Not all are shown.
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(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
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(Not included in the visuals download above).
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  1. As I sat wondering if I wanted to do my Sunday lesson on manna/quail or go on to the Ten Commandments in our preschool class, I got this email. I let the co-teacher know it was decided for us!

    1. You can see the list of Moses lessons I taught for our 3 year old class @ http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2017/05/2-moses-joshua-more-preschool-lesson.html

  2. Excellent material, Debbie. Thx. I have one comment that might help. This phrase, "This set of visuals have been updated..." It should be either "These visuals have..." or "This set of visuals has been updated..." The word "set" is singular & should match the verb corresponding to it. (A common mistake.) Hope it helps.


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