Monday, June 19, 2017

Emoji Bulletin Boards & More
This is one of those things where I was looking for one thing. Just one thing.
And, I ended up using these Emoji's all over!
To begin, I was looking for something new for my second grade classroom door. My grandkids love these Emoji's, and I found this new Emoji Welcome sign. Simple and good for any time of the year. I already had the Emoji matching border, so I used one strip and cut out the Emoji's. I created the matching sign, printed and laminated everything. It was probably one of the fastest new door decorations I have ever put up. And, the kids loved it. And I was asked if I was going to put up a matching bulletin board. So....
Well, I was in such a hurry because the store was about to close and so happy to find the Emoji Welcome sign, I missed that it was double sided. (Yes, it makes it clear if you stop and read the label.) I can't figure out why companies do that. You can only use one side at a time. Seriously. If you want matching items, then you have to buy 2 and use each side in your design. So, I guess that is why. $$ Anyway, I decided to create Bible application posters for this board. I cut a strip of the border for the random Emoji's. I left 3 or 4 together and stapled on each side with the center popped out.
The download includes the above poster graphics and not what is on my bulletin board.
I also had an adult bulletin board in the hallway that needed to be done. Of course, yes, I did that one with Emoji's too! This is the Emoji border I used. Click here to download the printables.

There are matching 10" Emoji's and the 3" Emoji's sets also.

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