Mother's Day Out Bulletin Boards

Monday, June 26, 2017
This an assortment of bulletin boards that were created for our Mother's Day Out Preschool program. They may or may not be Bible based, but I thought I would share the ideas with you.
Since I didn't make most of these boards, I have just posted the photo for the ideas.
They are not in any specific order and are used with permission.
We love Pete the Cat! So, I was excited to be able to use this bulletin board set and this matching bulletin board border to make this bulletin board.
Thanks to Lindsey Nabors for this board.
The tree is made with fall leaves purchased in a bag. I have seen these at Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, etc. They add a nice texture. Any fall item can be added that the kids create like the pumpkins and scarecrows you see.
This is the Brown Bear bulletin board set. Since it is a smaller board than I usually do, all the large pieces didn't fit! So, I didn't use the teacher or the kids. Click here to see the Brown Bear set. I found it at my local teacher's supply store.
Click here to download the God Makes Colors banner. It is in pieces and after printing on cardstock, the pieces need cut out and assembled. You can use the banner for other bulletin boards also. For instance, create an outdoor scene with the sky, clouds, sun, trees, grass, flowers, animals, etc. Add the banner and a scripture to complete it.
The snowmen are so cute and the tree has a great pop. The paper for the tree is layered folds. The snowmen are here and the snowflake border is here. Thanks to Lindsey Nabors for this board.
For February, Lindsey added the hearts on a string to the tree. It looks so cute!
 Thanks to Lindsey for this cute paper plate Lion and Lamb March bulletin board.
The students used strips of paper for the lion mane and after drawing faces on the paper plate, they added pipe cleaners for the whiskers.
I purchased these graphics and printed them to create this Spring bulletin board. You can use any Spring bulletin board set you have. I used this Summer Horizon paper for the background. I cut the paper to size, and glued everything to the background at home. All I had to do was take the old bulletin board down and staple this up. I used these Spring graphics with this Signs of Spring set.
I used Song of Solomon 2:11-12 for the scripture on the sign attached to the tree.

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