The Divided Kingdom Bulletin Boards

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
I found these great bulletin boards on a Facebook page I belong to. Thanks to Laura Cann for permission to share them with you. Please note that the ladies at the Southside Church of Christ in Rapid City, South Dakota put the boards together. It was a group effort. So, thanks ladies for the photos and for sharing your bulletin boards here! I appreciate it!

These are not in any order.
Since they are not mine, I just have the photos for you to use for inspiration.
This Divided Kingdom bulletin board is a large board. The background is gray fabric (not paper).
 I like that the castle is cut in half. ☺

Note: I just (3 Jan 2018) stumbled on this bulletin board at Hands On Bible Teacher.
Credit goes to Rhonda for the original concept for the bulletin board and sorry I didn't see it earlier.
That is what Pinterest is for! Although I believe in giving the original designers the credit.
Check out the website for a lot of Bible class ideas and songs.
Click here to see the printables to create this bulletin board.
It looks like a small bulletin board was covered to use as the land.
The wording and top people and scroll is around it on the wall.
They attached plastic grapes to make it pop.
The bulletin board has the background with the purchased birds to make it pop.
Look for these birds in October. I see them at craft stores and dollar stores.
The brook has sparkling gift shred that the kids will love!
This board also has the main design on the bulletin board.
The scripture and wording is around it on the wall.
I like the 'fire of the Lord' coming down!

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I have been struggling for a while trying to create a concept for our group fellowship, preparing for next year's study, and this has given me the resources and inspiration to decorate tables. Very much appreciated!


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