Monday, July 31, 2017

VBS: Peter's Perseverance: Preschool Decorating
This post shows some room decorating ideas from our VBS: Peter's Perseverance.

Thanks to Haley Wilson for letting me take pictures and share her room ideas with you!
Haley decorated the room with her husband Chris and (his Mom) Glenda Wilson.
This was right at the door entry. It is so cute and fun for the kids. They created it with cardboard, bulletin board paper and markers. They used the Weathered Wood bulletin board paper for the 'wood'  door and side. They used a dark gray for the stone and drew the design on it. But, you can use this rock wall paper also. The bonus: it helps keep parents from entering the room and keeps the kids happy! 😉
The first night was Peter Walked on Water. They decorated the one wall to be the storm.
Then, they used more of the blue plastic to make the floor look like water. They added a cardboard boat and fishnet. They sat in the boat for the lesson. Seriously, that is just too much fun for a preschooler!
So, I put the two pictures together so you could see the whole wall. These are big cardboard boxes just to look like city walls. On the second day, we talked about the Garden of Gethsemane and Peter in the courtyard denying Jesus. The Garden is on the left wall and you can see the inside of the entry gate on the right.
This is continued from the above photo. You can see the garden on the left side. This is so perfect for them to walk in and see! The room wasn't ready for photos for the third lesson; so, I didn't get any pictures. For Peter's Vision,  they had assorted stuffed animals to hand out.
The last night of VBS was Peter Escapes Prison. The kids walked into a prison in their room! They set up a tent, enclosed the sides and added a cardboard wall around the outside. They had the lesson inside prison.
Click here to see the main foyer decorations and links to each lesson (& more).

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