3. 1. King Solomon

Friday, September 1, 2017
Solomon begins our third quarter study through the Bible with preschoolers. This quarter includes kings and prophets in the Old Testament.
We studied David last week. He was a shepherd for his father Jesse. He took food to his 3 oldest brothers that were soldiers. While he was there, he fought the Giant Goliath. He was a good king for 40 years and today we are learning about one of his sons named Solomon.
God appeared to Solomon in a dream and asked him “What can I give you?”  Solomon said that there were so many people for him to rule over and he would like to have an understanding heart, to know right from wrong so he could be a good judge for God’s people.
God was happy with Solomon’s choice. He didn’t ask for a longer life, more riches, but he asked to have the knowledge to decide fairness for the people. God said “Behold, I have given you what you asked for, a wise and understanding heart, and there hasn’t been anyone like you before, and there won’t ever be anyone like you. I have also given you what you didn’t ask for, riches and honor. If you walk in My ways, keeping My commandments I will give you a longer life.”
Solomon showed his wisdom and when he judged the people, he did a great job. Everyone heard about the wisdom of King Solomon. The Bible tells us that men of all nations and kings from all over came to hear the wisdom of Solomon. He wrote a lot (3,000) of proverbs and songs (1,005).
Solomon also built a temple to worship God. He used the best wood, stones and other items to build it. David had wanted to build the temple, but God told him no and Solomon was permitted to build it.
It took Solomon 7 years to build the temple! It was so incredible.
King Solomon surpassed all the kings of the earth in riches and wisdom.  He was a good king for 40 years like his father David.
Scripture is 1 Kings 3:11-5 (4:34 & 10:23).
This is an update from this post. This download includes a color and black & white picture with Solomon and the women. It also includes a plain crown that can be used for any king. I used the page you see above as a book. I printed, cut and stapled. It makes a simple review booklet for the students. Click here to download the pack. 
I purchased these wood treasure chests at Hobby Lobby. There is a big one that we used for a teacher's visual. We gave each student a treasure chest. You can let them add jewels if you like. I gave them coins and flat decorative marbles (to represent Solomon's jewels). I also added these printables to discuss the other things we learned about Solomon stressing that no matter what Solomon had (or we have), God is the most important. This includes a printable treasure chest also.  Click here to download these extras.
I decided to create crowns for the king and queen lessons in this series. I kept them simple for preschool and because I will let them attach gems to them. They include color and black & white. Click here to download King Solomon.
Click here to download the lesson.
This file contains all the available visuals for Solomon.
The pictures above are a sample to show what is included.
Not all are shown.
Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
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  1. Hi Debbie: just wanted to thank you for all your work you put into the bible lessons for the kids. I appreciate it soo much. God bless!

  2. In the past I have been able to print the story pictures but lately that doesn't seem to be an option. Thank you so much for all of your great ideas !

    1. Sorry, these are working, so I don't know why you are not able to print them.

  3. On the "Solomon's Treasures activity, there is a color version of the treasures with your logo on it. I was wondering if there was a copy of that without the logo so that I could print the cards for the game without that on it.

    1. So sorry I missed that! Thank you for letting me know. The link has been corrected, and you can download it @ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_BtC0NDhJZ8WEHQnlqyRr-dWDFC9_dAV/view?usp=drive_link


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