God Made You Crayon Box

Monday, September 11, 2017
This is a short post with this God Made You crayon box bulletin board.
 I created this for the Mother's Day out program preschool classroom when I taught the three year olds. I forgot all about it and it didn't get added to the post you see below. Since this has the templates for you, I decided to post it by itself.
I can't even find the photo of the original bulletin board. What you see are the graphics to give you an idea of what I did. I think I used purple background and I think I used this striped border. Something like this or this would look good. A chevron would look good if that is what you have. I couldn't even remember what I used for wording! I found my clear template I made for the overhead, so it gave me clues to what I actually did.
The banner was made onto white poster board, but I don't remember what I did to design it. Banners are fun to decorate with Washi Tape. Just fold the ends over on the back and it is an fast & easy way to add color and design.
Sorry, there are a lot of "I think..." because I can't remember exactly what I did!
I know I purchased yellow poster board. I think I used a full sheet, but that can be whatever size you want. I also purchased the green poster board to make the design on the box. I put marks on the 'box' where the green poster board would be and laid pieces on each corner. Glue together. Turn over and trim off any extra green to keep the bottom of the box square. I think I cut two 1" strips for the stripes. Glued them above the green triangle design and trimmed off the extra.
I used every different color of bulletin board paper to make the crayons! I added the students names in the center oval and laid them out in layers but with their names showing. I couldn't do that with the graphics. I used masking tape to secure them on the back and when I took it down, the student's could take them home.

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