Wild About God's Creation Bulletin Board

Monday, September 18, 2017
Another bulletin board for preschool!
I did a similar bulletin board last year for the preschool class. But I was talking to someone at the local teacher's store. My husband was making jokes laughing because we have been in the store so much, she recognized me when I went in to pick up a VBS paper order. Anyway, she said "I am getting ready to put out this new set you might like..." Yes, I bought it and it is really cute for preschool.

There are a couple of different pieces included that can be used for a different title. Once I opened it up, I realized there are not any animals to use. And, there isn't a matching pack to purchase. So, I ended up only using a couple of the parts. I added the God's Creation lettering to the pack's Wild About... And, I added the scripture design. Those are included in this download. I also added Wild About in the same lettering, but smaller because I wanted God's Creation to be the focus. The God's Creation letters have to be assembled. I used this background.
Click here for the lettering and scripture printables.

I also decided I needed some trees, and since I wanted them bigger, I painted them. I used some basic backgrounds with trees and painted them random on my paper. For something quick like this, I print it, then use a  Sharpie on a clear storage baggie to trace the basic design to use with an overhead. You can print some basic trees here. They didn't want to transfer to black & white, so they are not going to look great copied, but will be fine to use for this application. Click here to download.
So, I printed some animals with the clipart that I have. I used these, but I can't share them because of how they are being used. So, there are many choices to buy clipart, or look for a Safari bulletin board set.

The bulletin board set is called Safari Friends Wild About Bulletin Board

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