3.5. Elisha Helps Naaman

Friday, October 6, 2017
Continuing our study of Elisha with week 5.
This is the third quarter in our through the Bible series for preschoolers.

We have been learning about Elisha the last couple of weeks. He was a prophet (speaker for God). We can learn about Elisha in the Old Testament.
There was a commander in the army of the king of Syria. His name was Naaman and he was considered great and honorable but he had leprosy. Leprosy was a very bad disease during Bible times.
When a servant girl was helping Naaman’s wife, she said “It’s too bad that the prophet isn’t here because he could help Naaman.” The king of Syria sent a letter to the king of Israel, along with gifts of gold, silver and clothing explaining that he had a commander with leprosy and he wanted Elisha the prophet to heal him.
The king sent Naaman to see Elisha. Naaman came on his horse and chariot and stood outside the door of Elisha’s house.
Elisha sent a messenger to tell Naaman to go wash in the Jordan River 7 times and he would be healed.
But, Naaman was angry! He said to himself “Well, surely he can come to me himself and wave his hand over me and cure me! And, why that river? There’s others!”

Naaman was very angry when he left Elisha’s house and his servant asked him “If Elisha told you to do something great, wouldn’t you do it? So, he said ‘Wash and be clean.’”
Naaman went in the Jordan River. Naaman dipped down in the Jordan Rover 7 times just like Elisha told him to. And, Naaman was healed of his leprosy! His skin was like new!

Naaman went back to thank Elisha and said he would only worship God. Naaman was so thankful that God healed him!
Naaman is in 2 Kings 5:1-19.
I have used this type of project for the second graders, and I really wanted basically the same thing. This is updated, more print friendly and Naaman is included in color and black & white. I left the whole bottom open to make it easier for preschoolers to use, and that makes it easier to assemble. Click here to download.
Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
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