Monday, October 30, 2017

Dollar Store Finds for Bible Class
Assorted ideas for items purchased at Dollar Tree, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.
I love these pyramids and the others that can be used with Paul.
These can be spray painted to be more realistic, too.
These slingshots are great for David & Goliath (of course).
We used them (similar purchased the year before) for a game during VBS.
 I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but these are nice snakes for all the lessons that have snakes in them.
This fish can be used for Jonah & the Great Fish. I used these with the preschool class and they LOVED them! You can see how I used it here in December (so check back in ☺). You can see a boat on the front also that can be used for several lessons. 
I have purchased so many animals from Dollar Tree to use with my lessons. these are a couple of the newest ones I found. All the stores have different ones in stock and I wasn't even looking for these!
These can be found at Hobby Lobby in the kid's party area.
I found them in the camping section. Great for the floating axe! 
Black birds can be found in October for creation and Elijah.
Several types of chains for prison lessons can be found in October.
Orange lights to make the burning bush are available in October.
Hand for leprosy can also be found in October.
Lots of assorted skeletons can be found in October for Ezekiel.
Great pot for any cooking visual aids!
Click here to see an older post with lots of Dollar Tree ideas.


  1. Love your site! We also pick up some of the "dripping blood" window clings during October for when we study Passover. Just be careful not to leave it on a painted area too long as the red from the cling will transfer to the door frame.

    1. Thanks Becky. That is a good buy also. I have it posted on an earlier post but I haven't seen it this year. I appreciate the reminder ☺.


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