Write-the-Room: Life of Jesus

Monday, October 2, 2017
A new, extended, updated version of Write-the-Room.
This is a great way to review the Life of Jesus!
These can also be used for posters for class or bulletin boards.
To use this as Write-the-Room:

Once the posters are printed (they will last longer if printed on cardstock and laminated), post the posters around the room. I mix the order up so they can find the next one. Attach the student’s worksheet to a clipboard and let them write or draw simple, one word answers.  As you move around the room, you are writing the answers on the worksheet. So, it is called Write-the-Room.

Or, to use these as a Basic Review:

These can also be held as a visual while students sit at the table and write their answers in the correct spaces.

**These are intended for a basic review. And not everything we know about Jesus is included. Your class time can determine how much depth you want to cover. These can be divided into more than one class also.

The student answer sheet has one word in each block to correspond with each poster. The posters are not numbered so you can add or delete as needed. These are the lessons we studied when I taught Life of Jesus this year and this is what I used for review.
I also included a list of the teacher basic points to review.  I cut each lesson review out and tape it to the back of each visual (if using as visuals to sit at the table). With mostly boys this year, I won’t be using this as Write-the-Room!
This download is 33 pages long! I decided to put everything together in this one pack. This includes the posters, the worksheet, the teacher’s main points of discussion and the directions. Click here to download. (updated)
This is the original Life of Jesus Write-the-Room.
 Last year I used this set to review the Life of Paul as Write-the-Room and the kids really enjoyed it.
http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2015/08/write-room-life-of-moses.html      http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2015/08/write-room-moses-10-plagues.html

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