Bulletin Boards That Pop! by Nicole

Monday, November 6, 2017
Thanks so much to my niece Nicole Whitacre for permitting me to share these new bulletin boards!
I love these boards!

What Name Are You Known By?
Or: liar, fearful, thief, cheater, murderer, adulterer, gossip, coveter, envier, snob
You Are Wanted!
Reward! Heaven
Meals on Wheels, Visitation Program, Benevolence Program, Bible Class Teaching, Evangelism, Nursing Home Ministry, Those to Serve, Prison Ministry
Take Time Out For Jesus
The real shirt and oversize whistle make this board pop!
Will Your Anchor Hold During the Rocky Waves of Life?
Hebrews 6:19 
The boat pops out, the fish is hanging from a fishing rod and the anchor also pops.
Let's Be Mission Minded
This board has each mission on it's own background with the photos and information listed.
The cute circle decoratives at the top corners add a nice pop!

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