The Good Samaritan Bulletin Board

Monday, December 4, 2017
Good Samaritan bulletin board update:

I have used this basic idea every time that I teach The Good Samaritan lesson. Years ago, I would hold up signs for each city. Sometimes I would staple Jerusalem on one wall, add the arrows around to a different wall to Jericho. The last couple of years I have turned those simple ideas into a bulletin board. This is how I made it this year.

I used this cloud background for the sky, then added a Tan paper for the bottom. I cut the top to be a little rolling and then added the design elements.

I used this Colorful Hexagons border because it was a new one I already had. And I used these Shabby Chic Sassy Fonts for the Good Samaritan letters at the bottom. I already had these from a different project also.

I used this clipart to design the roads, but you can easily create your own. You can cut straight and winding roads from a darker paper.

Click here to download the cities, Adummim sign and sun.

I used the same background for Saul Sees the Light also.
Click to see it and the printables coming January 22, 2018.
Click here to see one of the Good Samaritan lessons and printables.

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