The Lost & Found Parables

Friday, December 8, 2017
We had a 25th Anniversary Homecoming Family Day and the Elders wanted to have all the classes teach the same lesson based on Luke 15. So, this includes the preschool and elementary lesson plans and printables.
There are several choices to print and use for this combined lesson for different age groups.
So, just scroll down the post and find what you like for your age group.
 I just added them as I completed them.

 The teachers for the upper elementary added more thoughts and scriptures to use the above lesson.

Just a note: I asked for some hands-on visuals for the teachers to use and everything was purchased. I put everything in a bag for each teacher and boxed everything up afterwards to reuse for VBS. There is an instruction page included for this which is optional. Of course, there will be teachers that love it for the students and others that want to teach it the way they always have.

I found the raffia skirts at Dollar Tree in the Spring for the Prodigal Son. Here is how I made the lamps for The Lost Coin. I found the silver coins on eBay. The sheep, staff and other items were purchased at Oriental Trading. I also purchased small sheep to hand out. I also made these pigs (2 per class) onto pink poster board.
 This includes two different readers. One is intended for preschool and just has the title with a picture as you see above. The other has a very condensed overview of each parable. They both have color and black & white included. Click here to download.
These crowns should be printed on cardstock. Once they are cut out, staple the bottom band to fit the student's head. This includes the color and black & white. Click here to download.
These worksheets were created for the third-grade classroom. As with most of these printables, they can be used for several ages. These are black and white only and I included the answer sheets. The scripture fill-in-the-blank are taken from the NKJV and includes the answer sheet. Please read the directions on the last page for printing instructions. Each worksheet can be used by itself also. Click here to download.
These were added for the 30th anniversary. They are for different ages but are in one file. There are sheep that can be used however you want or can be used to glue cotton balls onto. There are smaller sheep to hide around the room so the students can find the lost sheep (which they love). Click here to download.
This Bubble Map has the space to write the description of a parable. This is a discussion starter worksheet and there is a space for each of the parables. The students can write about each parable, or you can discuss, and they can write what the meaning for each parable is about. You can pick a verse and they can copy it. This includes the color and black & white. Click here to download.
These posters have the definitions of some of words that are used that the students might not know. One set has a graphic (top row), and the others are without a graphic (bottom row).
They are in color only. Click here to download.

Update information: I set up a display for this lesson. Even the older students would appreciate seeing some hands-on visuals! For the Lost Coin, I have these lamps on the table. I give each student a bag with 9 silver coins and have them count them. Oh, no! They have lost a silver coin! They look until they find the lost silver coin which I hid before class. I have a small broom from Dollar Tree and use the lamp to search around the room for the lost coin that I 'find' while I tell the lesson. Put clay oil lamp in the search bar where you like to purchase items to look for the oil lamps. These are from Amazon to help you get started.    first lamp     middle lamp    last lamp    The lamps are palm size, so don't be surprised by their size when you see them in person.

For the Lost Sheep, I have a sheep 'hiding' on top of the cabinet. I use a shepherd's crook to walk around looking for the lost sheep and explain what the hook on the end was used for. I 'find' the lost sheep and bring it down and lay it on my shoulders and talk about how happy I am to find the lost sheep. Then the students find a lost sheep I have hidden before class. I find the stuffed lambs here and they don't always have the same ones in stock. Put in stuffed lambs in the search bar.

I have pigs for a handout for the prodigal son. I find ceramic pigs at Hobby Lobby and rubber pigs at Dollar Tree. These plastic pigs are cute and more budget friendly.
I found one verse for this song here and have permission to adapt and share it here since the author is unknown. Let me know if you are the author. The kids loved this! It is easy for them to learn. 
 FYI: I print these on cardstock. I also print the whole song on the back of the last page. When we are singing it, the teacher can just read it from the back of the visual. Also, I use a snap ring and we remove it while we are singing. Place each page down as you are done with it and replace snap ring. We have found this to make them easier to use.
I kept all these song flipcharts with the same tune. I was going to make one song, then as I worked on them, I decided to keep them split up.
 Click here to download the Lost Sheep Song Flipchart.
Click here to download the Lost Coin song flipchart.
Sorry, the visuals are in separate downloads. I just picked a couple from each lesson to use.
(Used with permission. Link will take you to
Click here for the newest early elementary lesson for the Lost Sheep & Coin.
Click here for the newest preschool lesson for the Lost Sheep & Coin.

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