10. Paul Preaches at Mars Hill

Friday, February 23, 2018
This is a great lesson to discuss God's creation and everything He made.
This includes a cut & glue worksheet for this discussion.
Last week Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown in prison! What did they do while they were there? They prayed and sang songs to Jesus. There was an earthquake, and the prison doors were opened, and the chains all fell off the prisoners. Paul and Silas taught the prison guard about Jesus, and he was baptized.

Paul left Philippi and was walking around the city of Athens. There were idols everywhere! What does God say about idols? NO! God tells us to only worship Him! Paul was very upset as he was walking the city streets and seeing the idols.
Paul went to the synagogue and taught the people about Jesus. The synagogue was where the people went to worship God. Paul went to the marketplace every day and talked to people about Jesus.
There were some men who saw Paul talking to the people in Athens and they asked who Paul was. The men said he is speaking different from what they had ever heard, and they wanted to know what it meant. The people took Paul to Mar's Hill in the middle of the city 

Paul stood at the top of Mars Hill and told them “Men of Athens, I think you are very religious because as I was passing through and looking at all your idols, I even found one that said, ‘To the Unknown god.”
“I am going to tell you about the One that you are worshipping that you do not know.” Paul told them about how God created the world and God wants people to worship Him only.

Paul talked about Jesus Who is God’s Son. Some of the people made fun of Paul and other people said that “We will listen to Paul again about this.” Paul continued to teach others about Jesus. 

The lesson is found in Acts 17:14-34.
I created this to be a discussion starter about God's creation. Print your choice of color or black & white. I usually print one in color for teacher’s visual and black & white for the students. Cut on the dotted line, then cut the rectangles on the bottom part around the black outside edges. As you discuss each section, talk about the things that God made. They can cut and glue the correct picture in each section. In the ME section, students can draw themselves, or if you have a photo, they can glue that in the space. Click here to download.

Not all are shown.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
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