Tuesday, February 20, 2018

God Makes the Winter & Snow

We talked about snow, since we actually had a week of snow days off from school. There are so many fun things to do, but here are some of the things we did

I purchased a snow kit... but saw the recipe here to make your own which is what I ended up using. I made the recipe, then made another half for 6 kids. You absolutely want a disposable plastic tablecloth. I used the arctic animals I had from our arctic animals study. They loved this! They didn't want to stop! We actually had snow outside, so I brought some in to compare.
There are so many free snow songs online and we sang several. But, their favorite was in this free The Snowy Day literacy pack that I used. This pack also has the directions to make the snow.
We made a puffy snow paint creation! They thought this was so much fun.
See how to make it here.
This was a project we did a couple of years ago and this is the best picture I have. I didn't even get a picture of it finished! I started with a foam bowl and cut out an area for the opening (as shown). We spread glue all over it and they put marshmallows all over it. I think it took longer than they wanted it to. It was fun to begin with, but they were bored soon. So, it wasn't a project I wanted to tackle again for better pictures.
I found these Emoji Snowballs here. They were on sale and they love emojis so I thought I would try it. First, they played hide & seek with them (like an Easter egg hunt). They took turns seeing who could get the most in the plastic container. Then, of course, they eventually had a snowball fight in the house with them. They had so much fun! Definitely worth the money.
I was looking for winter crafts and stumbled on these...somewhere. I think they were on clearance at Target. But I know I saw some stuff at Michaels and Hobby Lobby in December. I found a goldmine at Michaels in December for 70% off. Which is where I think I found some foam snowflake ornaments. They enjoyed making them, but I had to do the glue dots, so I didn't get pictures. So, I seem to be looking for things all the time!
They also love these Cheetos Snowflakes! I found them after looking several places at Wal Mart early January. Click here to download a free pack to use with them.
There are so many books for snow and winter! I have some and found some at the library.
There were their favorites:
 Lift-the-Flaps: Baby Loves Winter  The Snowman
They love the Frozen Movie and Frozen Look & Find Book

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