The Battle of Jericho

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Thanks to Haley Wilson for sharing her photos and ideas! Haley teaches one of the preschool classes with Glenda Wilson. And Glenda creates most of the ideas that Haley uses. Haley says we need this or that and Glenda creates it! Thanks to both for permitting me to share!
Thanks to Jeanne Dickson for sharing her Bible class songs! I have created a flipchart for The Battle of Jericho song that is shown below.

That is a lot of boxes!
If you know someone that works at FedEx or UPS, ask if they can get them for you!
The boxes were placed on a plastic tablecloth and was pulled to knock down Jericho at the right time.
The teacher pulled the tablecloth from the opposite side the students were so they didn't see it.
Don't tape the boxes so they can be folded and saved to reuse.
This is so much hands-on fun for kids!
**These boxes can be used for The Tower of Babel and Nehemiah's Wall**
They blow the horn and march around Jericho.
And the walls came tumbling down!
Haley made the horns with brown construction paper wrapped around horns
The plastic horns can be purchased here (smaller packs are available in stores).
Here's an idea I haven't seen before! (Photo and ideas used with permission)
Jeanne Dickson covered Pringles cans and built Jericho with them! These are a great visual and would be so much fun to knock down. They can be used for other Bible cities also. Just use a box or Jeanne suggests that Bluebell single serving ice cream cups would be perfect to use (they have a plastic lid). The download includes 9 choices of brick and stone backgrounds that can be printed and glued to a Pringles can. They can also be printed and cut down to cover your square building for Rahab. Click here for the backgrounds.
Here are some songs by Jeanne:
This color flipchart has a new song by Jeanne Dickson for The Battle of Jericho.
There is a one page black & white printable if you prefer to not use the flipchart.
Here is another song by Jeanne Dickson! This includes a one-page black & white printable of the song and a color flipchart of the song. Click here to download.
 Preschool included:

Joshua Leads the Israelites in Numbers 27:18-23 & Joshua 3-4

The Walls of Jericho in Joshua 2 & 6

Other lessons and Newsletter Foldables included:

Rahab and the Two Spies in Numbers 27:18-23 & Joshua 2

Crossing the Jordan River in Joshua 3-4

The Walls of Jericho in Joshua 6

The Gibeonites Deceive Joshua in Joshua 9 

The Newsletter Foldable can be used as a review handout, sent in the mail or in an email, especially for those unable to be in class. The same lesson is included for the teacher.

Click here to download.
Click here to see the lesson & printables for the Battle of Jericho.

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  1. For our wall we used paper grocery bags. Use two, on inside of the other with the ends on opposite sides, makes a great lightweight brick! As a bonus, their easy to take down and fold flat!


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