13. Paul Spends Time on Malta

Friday, March 23, 2018
This is the final lesson in the book of Acts lessons for preschool in this series.

Last week Paul was sent to Rome to go before Caesar. With Autumn storms at sea, they had to stop and let the storms pass and then more storms came, so the seas were so rough, they didn’t go very far. They didn’t even eat. After two weeks of storms on the sea, the ship crashed, and the people all swam or floated to the shore. They were on the Island of Malta.
The people on the island of Malta built a bonfire and gave them food. It was October and they were cold because of the rain. They were gathering sticks to build a fire. A poisonous 'viper' snake was in the bundle of sticks. When the snake became warm from the heat, it wrapped itself around Paul and bit him.  (A serpent is usually referencing a really large snake in the Bible. A Viper usually means a small snake.)
When the people saw Paul get bit by the snake, they started talking among themselves. The people were amazed that Paul didn’t die from the snakebite! He had survived the storms and the swim in the sea and now he survives the snakebite! Paul just shook off the snake and he was fine.
On the island, the chief man, probably governor, Publius, let them stay at his house for 3 days. His father was sick and had a fever. Paul went into his room where he was laying and prayed and laid his hands on him and healed him. That is a miracle! (Miracle: An act of God) When other people heard about this, they went to see Paul. They wanted to be healed also!

They stayed on Malta until January and after 3 months on the island, the people gave Paul and the travelers gifts. They gave them a ship and the necessary items to travel again.
They arrived in Rome safe. Paul was a prisoner for two years in Rome. Paul lived in his own house, he was allowed to hire people to live in the house with him, but he was still a prisoner. People came to his house to learn about Jesus. 

Lesson found in Acts 28.
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These are fun for the students to represent the snake that bit Paul. I usually buy the big pretzel sticks, but couldn't find them, so I found these. They are slightly thicker than the regular pretzel sticks. I just laid a couple in a pile, put the rubber snake on them and added more pretzels. The kids love this!
Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
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