Parable of the Lost Sheep Song

Thursday, March 15, 2018
New song by Jeanne Dickson!

Thanks Jeanne Dickson for sharing your songs!
This song is about the Lost Sheep Parable. The download has the standard color flipchart and the one-page black & white song printables. This has the normal visuals that I use for these songs. But, I also added another printing option. I included color photos of real sheep too. So, don't print all the pages! Just pick one or mix & match the song pages. (See below for more in this download.)
I found this sheep wood mask here. It would be great for this song and lesson. Kids love these! If you can't find it or would rather print it, I added a color and black & white sheep face that can be used the same way. Print on cardstock, cut out the eyes and attach to a large craft stick or wood paint stick. These sheep faces are at the end of the song download here.
Click here to see the preschool lesson & printables.
Click here to see one of the early elementary lesson and printables.


  1. Dear Debbie

    We are running a Summer Messy Church and I would like to use the song 'Oh where has my Little Sheep Gone' would this be acceptable to you.

    Kind Regards
    Gerda Normington


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