Monday, April 2, 2018

God Makes the Birds
This is part of our preschool learning we did at home. It includes ideas that can be used at home to learn about God and the Bible. *This is intended for home use or preschool (or kindergarten) classes. They are not intended for Bible class unless the lesson and printables are Bible instruction.*
I decided to do a study on birds because I found a bird nest in a tree in our backyard. One thing led to another and we spent a couple of days talking about birds and nests.
I purchased these supplies from Hobby Lobby. The stuffed bird was from Dollar tree. I found these in the artificial plants. The nests are here and there are different sizes. I picked this one because of price of buying more than one and because they are going to make their own nest also. The small birds are here and the eggs can be found here. I hid the nests in one room and said they were camouflaged and they had to really look for them. I hid the eggs in a different room for them to find. Of course, they loved playing seek & find!
I have these numbers printed to use for different learning times. First, I laid them on the table for her to put in order. Then, I pointed to different numbers and she told me what it was. I laid different numbers down and she put the correct number of eggs with it. Last, we did a graph style number chart. Later in the week, we used the plastic Easter eggs to make a bigger graph.
I purchased this science Birds reader and found several other good readers to use.
I purchased this Birds Nest pack. We looked outside for things the birds would use to build a nest and they made a box nest. I put piles of supplies on the table and they added this filler (see next photo), feathers, some cotton balls and Jute string for them to add to their nest. We used several printables including the finger rhyme and reader.
We looked at the pictures in this book and I read some highlights that would interest them. The inside cover shows lots of different colors and sizes of eggs. They liked that and there is a section that shows the egg, then the hatching process.
They had a lot of fun adding the feathers to finish their bird! There is a bird and tail feathers to print  in color or black & white. I printed the bird in color and used the template to cut out the tail feathers. They glued the pieces onto a piece of large construction paper and added the feathers. Click here to download the pages for this fun project.
This set of 10 full page posters includes color photos of different nests, eggs, and more bird facts.
The kids loved looking at the pictures and discussing the birds.
I created this Color Match Bird set. One sheet has birds and eggs and the other set has owls. You will see this again on an owl post. You can use one or both pages and there are several ways to use this. There are directions on the last page of the download. This is in color only and will work best if printed on cardstock. Click here to download.
Click here to see more ideas on my birds Pinterest board.
Click here to see the other animals we studied.

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