Friday, April 27, 2018

Life of David Introduction & Lesson Links
The printables for David in this series are for an older age group than I usually post. Some of these lessons about David are not appropriate for early elementary. But David is a great study. It is worth your time to read the lesson and study the Bible scripture even if you are not teaching it.

www.biblefunforkids.comThat being said, as you can see from the picture, there is a Q&A. This could be used with younger groups by using the answer sheet and just asking the questions for discussion. Each post in this series will have a maze and some type of puzzle and usually an additional application. When appropriate, there will be a map.

(This is lesson 1 and can be used to review David; or as an introduction about David.)

Each post has a lesson, visuals, Bible verse and printables.

This would be a great series to use as an Interactive Notebook. (See a free video here.) You can print the worksheets you want to use at 75%. Or, print 2 to a page. This makes them small enough for the notebooks. You can use the Bible verse as an introduction to begin a new lesson in the notebook.

Please note that although the links are here for each lesson, they will NOT all be available until the post is live. Beginning May 4th, each Friday a new lesson will be posted. If it says "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist." when you click on the underlined title, then the link isn't active yet. But is coming soon!
10. Saul is Jealous of David (coming July 13, 2018)
20. David is Crowned the King (coming September 21, 2018)
21. The Ark of God is Returned to Jerusalem (coming September 28, 2018)
22. David is Kind to Mephibosheth (coming October 5, 2018)
23. David, Bathsheba & Nathan (coming October 12, 2018)
24. Amnon’s Crime Against Tamar (coming October 19, 2018)
25. The Real Absalom (coming October 26, 2018)
26. Absalom’s Conspiracy Against David (coming November 2, 2018)
27. Absalom’s Death (coming November 9, 2018)
28. David Has Solomon Anointed King (coming November 16, 2018)
The Kings in the Old Testament series will begin September 5, 2019.

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  1. Hi, the link for 'Saul Is Jealous of David' isn't working. This is a wonderful series on David! Thank you for all you do!!


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