Preschool Alphabet: D is for David

Friday, April 20, 2018
These preschool Bible lessons are created and used at home. The Bible lesson and Bible printables are suitable for home or Bible class use. This week is D for David.
I just couldn't decide on who to talk about for the letter D! I started with Deborah, but she is a little much for preschool. Then Dorcas, but I already have a post for her. So I kept thinking Daniel or David? It's been a while since I talked about David to them. I decided on an overview (condensed) for them. The D is for Disciples post has a lot of different printables for the letter D.
David & King Saul
David was a shepherd for his father Jesse. That means he took care of his father’s sheep. David was ruddy (reddish, pink) with bright eyes and good looking. He was brave, strong and healthy. They lived in Bethlehem. David had seven brothers and he was the youngest.
There were days that King Saul wasn’t feeling good, so his servants suggested that they find someone who could play the harp. They thought it would make King Saul feel better. They told King Saul that David played the harp very well. King Saul sent a message to Jesse (David’s father) that he wanted David to come to him. David went to King Saul and played the harp. It made King Saul feel better! (1 Samuel 16:14-23)
David & Goliath
David was King Saul’s armor bearer. And, King Saul loved David. (1 Samuel 16:21) The Philistines gathered together on one side of a mountain, and King Saul and his people were together on a mountain on the other side. There was a valley between them. There was a champion in the Philistine camp. His name was Goliath and he was a very big man! He wore a lot of armor and every day in the morning and the evening, Goliath called out for someone to fight against him. He did this for 40 days! David’s father (Jesse) told David to take grain, bread and cheese to his three brothers that were in King Saul’s army.
When David arrived at King Saul’s camp, he found his brothers. As David was talking to them, Goliath shouted “Send someone to fight me!” David went to King Saul and said he would fight Goliath! King Saul told David that he was too young! David said he had protected his sheep when a lion or bear attacked the sheep. David said that God was with him! David took his staff and picked five smooth stones from the brook and went to Goliath. Goliath made fun of David! He was too young to fight Goliath! But, David said he had God on his side! David took a smooth stone and slung it with a slingshot into Goliath’s forehead! David won the battle! (1 Samuel 17)
David and King Saul’s son were good friends. His name was Jonathan. When King Saul was angry with David, Jonathan helped him. He told David that he would do anything for David.  (1 Samuel 20)
David the King
David became king after King Saul. David was a good leader. David was an excellent soldier and God was with him. (2 Samuel 8:14) David lived a long life that was full of honor and riches.
David was a great king for 40 years and God was with David. (1 Kings 2:11) David’s son Solomon was the king after David.
I included the lesson, a Bible Memory Verse poster and the First 3 Kings of Israel poster. There is the set of 4 half page visuals I used with the lesson. I have my Bible open to 1 Samuel and read the verse from the Bible. I let them review by holding up the visuals and telling me what they learned.

I put the map in a page protector and they made Play Doh mountains and valley grass. They used the stand-ups printed on cardstock to retell David and Goliath. (You can also use the backgrounds found here [see below] and some plastic sheep.)
There are several pictures to color and they loved the maze. The flip book is easy and the pictures are in color and black & white.
We talked about shepherds and they took care of their sheep. Once they figured out what the hook was for on the shepherd's staff, they had more fun hooking each other!
I have done this for so many years and they always love it! Just spread out blue fabric or felt and throw some smooth stones on it. I had bags for them to put the stones in. They counted to five, which is harder than you think for a preschooler because they want a lot more!
 to download the entire pack including the lesson, visuals, worksheets and all printables shown above.
You can find this set of re-tell standups with David & Goliath graphics here. This has a nice set of backgrounds and includes David the shepherd. Click here to see it.
I found a lot of the alphabet letter ideas and projects on Pinterest.
You can see more on my D is for Alphabet Board on Pinterest here.
Click here to see my board for David.

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