Life of David: 3. Saul Chosen as the First King

Friday, May 18, 2018
This continues the series learning about David and is week 3. 
This week's lesson is found in 1 Samuel 9-10.
Review: Samuel was not only a prophet of God; he was a judge over the people of Israel. God had appointed judges to rule over Israel. Samuel would ride from city to city hearing the cases of the people, then he would tell them what to do.

Samuel was getting older and one day the elders of Israel came to Samuel and said there is no one else like you to look after the people.
We want a king just like all the other nations. There kings lead them into battles and judged them. Samuel was very upset, so he talked to God about the Israelites wanting a king. God told Samuel to listen to the men of Israel and make a king for them.
There was a man named Saul. His father was Kish. Kish was a ‘mighty man of power.’ Saul was special and good looking. Saul was more good looking than anyone else! He was also taller than anyone else.

One day, Saul was looking for his father's lost donkeys. He and his servants walked many miles searching for them. Finally, Saul told the servants that they needed to return home before his father started to worry about them.

His servant told Saul "Wait, there is a man of God (Prophet) who lives in this city. Maybe he can tell us where the donkeys are."
God had spoken to Samuel the day before saying "Be ready about this time tomorrow. I will send a man to you from the land of Benjamin. You are to anoint him as the leader of My people."
When Samuel saw Saul, God said "This is the man."
Samuel walked right up to Saul. He told Saul not to worry, because the donkeys that had been lost three days ago, were found. Samuel took Saul to the table and sat him in the place of honor. There were about 30 people that had been invited to eat with them. The servant gave Saul a special piece of meat that Samuel had saved for him.
The next day, Samuel took a bottle of oil and poured it on Saul's head and kissed him. Then Samuel said to Saul "It is because God has chosen you to be king of His people."
Because Samuel was a prophet, he was able to tell Saul things that would happen to him on his way home. Samuel said "When you leave here, you will find two men and they will tell you they have found your father's donkeys" and "your father is worried about you."

When you have gone a little farther to the Plain of Tabor, you will meet three men. One will be carrying 3 goats, another will be carrying 3 loaves of bread, and the other will be carrying a bottle of wine. They will greet you and give you two loaves of bread which you will gladly take.

During your travels, you will come to the hill of God. There you will meet a group of prophets and they will prophesy. Saul became a changed man. God was with him.

Samuel told Saul to go to Gilgal and wait for 7 days and then Samuel would return to Saul. And all this happened just as the prophet Samuel had told Saul. God changed Saul's heart.
Samuel called the people to Mizpah, and he told them "The Lord God of Israel says 'I brought Israel out of Egypt and delivered you out of the Egyptians hands, and out of the hand of all the kingdoms and those that oppressed you.'"
Then Samuel had all the tribes of Israel to come close. When they were gathered, they wanted to see their new king. However, Saul was not there because he had hidden himself in the baggage. They ran and found him. When he came out, he was taller than all the other people.

And, all the people shouted and said "God save the king." (which means 'let the king live.') How excited the children of Israel must have been. Now they were like other nations.
The printables for David in this series are for an older age group than I usually post. Most of these lessons about David are not appropriate for early elementary (This lesson is suitable though). But David is a great study. So, as you can see from the above picture, there is a Q&A. This could be used with younger groups by using the answer sheet and just asking the questions for discussion. Each post in this series will have a maze and some type of puzzle. This download includes the maps (color and black & white). There are answer sheets for all worksheets. Click here to download. 
Bible Verse:  1 Samuel 10:7
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The basic lesson was written by Cathy Whitacre, with some changes (additional information) added for this extended post. You can find the original lesson and more
visuals here. Used with permission. All other ideas and printables by Debbie Jackson.
Cathy Whitacre (1950-2015) was a Christian, wife, mother, Nana, sister, and friend. Cathy and her husband Gerry worshiped with the New Hope Church of Christ, in Bradyville, Tennessee.
Family was one of her crowning joys in life. Married to Gerry for over 47 years they had many years of adventure and love. Her children and grandchildren kept her busy and happy. Everywhere Cathy lived from Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and more she made dear friends who she considered family.
Cathy had the opportunity to participate in mission work for many years. She had the privilege of speaking at Ladies Days, teaching Vacation Bible Schools, and conducting workshops in Jamaica, Scotland, New Zealand, and in the United States.
Cathy was involved in teaching for over 50 years, from nursery to adults. Cathy believed that Christian Education is one of the greatest mission efforts we can be involved in, and the benefits are eternal.

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson.
Used by permission.


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