Life is a Vapor Bulletin Board

Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Life is a Vapor (James 4:14) bulletin board.

I heard this saying, and I don't know where! But, it stuck with me. I kept thinking that while the kids are growing up, it seems like the days are sooooo long! Sometimes you wonder if the day will ever end! (first picture) Then, boom, kids are gone, grandkids are all in school, and wow, the years were so short. (second picture) It is true... Life is but a vapor.
So, I had to do this bulletin board. I started with the chalkboard background. I love this background! I rarely do a bulletin board with black, but the chalkboard style softens it up. I used a Slate Gray Chevron border. 
I printed the pictures of the young family and the older couple staring out at the water on bigger paper. I specifically picked them because the photos do not show faces and they can be anybody. I love to sit and look out at the water like that!
I printed the words on cardstock and cut them out. I put the scripture pages together and cut them out as shown. I was going to add a vapor, but I liked it just using the scripture cut out.
Click here to download the words and the pictures.

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