Moses VBS Misc. Decorations and Printables

Thursday, August 2, 2018
There are a couple of printables that can be used for general Moses decorating.
These are included here and with the daily lesson.
This is how I decorated the door. It looked a lot better in person. The bricks on the sides spell WELCOME in hieroglyphics. See below for two banners above Pharaoh.
Pharaoh is a free graphic I found here. Since it has a share copyright, I can share the PDF printable. I was having trouble with my hands this year, so I printed as much as I could... including Pharaoh. I used him on the door and on his palace wall. The download has Pharaoh in pieces to print. I printed on cardstock, cut out the pieces and put them together like a puzzle. There are not any instructions, but looking at the pieces and using the graphic as a reference to put him together. Click here if you would like to download the pieces.
I also added a family wall to use with these lessons. I am personally not fond of walls like this, but I wanted to use my magnetic white board so I put Moses' family on one side. The Egyptian border is across the whole top of the wall. You can see the palm tree display. I created picture posters for each person we would be discussing. I could point and use the wall as another teaching visual. There are two different downloads for people on this wall. I had these printed on oversize paper to use as posters. These can be used for bulletin boards also.

1. Download includes Moses, his parents Aaron, Miriam & map. Click here to download.
2. Download includes Jethro, wife & son, Egypt and Midian. Click here to download.

3. Download includes FAMILY banner. Click here to download.
 We used Exodus 3:11 'Who Am I' for the main scripture for Moses. This can be the application for each night's lesson. What can the students do for God?  Moses didn't think he could do what God asked; but he could with His help. This takes 6 pages to make this banner. I printed it on cardstock, cut and pieced it together. I laminated it and put magnets on the back to use on the top of my white board. I used the Magnetic Board Visuals each night on the bottom of the board. Click here to download.
I used this welcome banner on the door and left the space open where I added the grades for my classroom. This requires 3 pages to create the complete banner. Click here to download.
This takes 3 pages to create this banner that spells out MOSES in hieroglyphics.


  1. I’m can’t seem to download the Moses banner. Thanks so much for all your wonderful work!

    1. Thank you for letting me know! The links have been updated and you can download it @


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