VBS: 3. Moses & the 10 Plagues

Thursday, August 23, 2018
This is lesson 3 of the VBS: Moses series.
There are several choices of Plague posters to print, decorations, a plague bag game board, lesson, visuals and more.

We usually hand out some small item at the end of class. I decided to make these 10 Plagues Bag Game. I found smaller flat handle bags here in January, but they were seasonal. So, I originally was going to use these until I found the smaller ones. I used 6.38x5" zipper plastic (flat) bags with a handle. You should be able to find them in the gift/party section.
Click here to download the Plagues Bag Game. This includes a smaller version with a optional cover and a full page board that can be used as review (class or personal) or early arrivers review. Both are color or black & white and directions are included on the last page.

 I decorated one wall as inside Pharaoh's palace. I found a shower curtain on EBay (look at Amazon also) and stapled it to the center of the wall along the bottom. I added Egyptian borders I printed along the top to complete the space above the shower curtain. I added plastic table cloth (here or here) for curtains on each side to cover the rest of the wall.

I pieced the Pharaoh together after printing on cardstock. If you would like to print and put pieces together, this does not have directions. There is a completed Pharaoh to use as a reference for the pieces. Click here to download.
I created the two columns in front of the side curtains using 12x12x12 boxes (UPS store or Amazon) covered in bulletin board paper. I used white since the bowl tops were white and wouldn't require me to paint them. I found the bowls here and they have the wavy tops that look like some of the tops I have seen in Egyptian photos. We used 8" concrete tube forms found here after walking around the huge store looking for something to use. We covered those with the same white bulletin board paper (2 times). I finished them off with an assortment of printed borders and colored Duct Tape and Masking Tape. Click here for the printables for the columns.
 I put the 10 Plagues oversize posters on one side of the whiteboard and Moses' family on the other and added Egyptian style borders and titles/banners. The Egyptian border was stapled across the top of the whole wall. and because the door knob was right where I needed to put the posters, I added another border to fill in the space. When something doesn't work as planned, you just have to change it and make it look like you planned it that way.
We had a discussion on the third plague and after some research, it seems like it is generally thought to be lice when all the variables are put together. Although NKJV states lice (and that is what I use, and created all the posters using), I decided to research after I had the posters printed. So, I also made the scroll (above it) with a statement on the different translations explained.
 Click here to download it.
These are the hieroglyphic banners I made to use as the title for the 10 Plagues. These are full page banners; but can be printed smaller if needed. Click here to download.
I created these posters and used them on the wall as you can see at the beginning of this post. They can also be used for visuals or a bulletin board.
Click here to download each full size jpeg that can be used as a photo enlargement.
Or, you may prefer this set of plain posters. These can be used for visuals or a bulletin board also.
Click here to download each full size JPEG that can be used as a photo enlargement. 
You may like these posters with a papyrus background and Egyptian symbols.
Click here to download the regular size PDF.
The teachers make the changes according to age/grade/their students.
All of the 45 visuals are not shown.

Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
 I used a set of the posters on a wall to teach this lesson. But, I know that not everyone wants that option. These stand-ups are great for Bible class also. There are 2 to a page. Print on cardstock. Cut on solid outside line and fold on center dotted line. They can be lined up in front of you. The number and plague is on the back in gray for you to easily point to the correct plague.
Well, I planned to use the posters and I did refer to them at times... but, I was asked to set up my hands on visuals that I always use for teaching the plagues. I actually used the second set of stand-ups below a little different. I printed basic notes and taped them to the inside of each plague. This helps keep me on track and I could easily see who did what for each. Click here to download the notes.
I put each stand-up visual with the matching hands-on visual after I was done talking about each plague.
Click here to print the (standard) visuals.
Please note that these visuals have been corrected and updated. But, most of the Egyptians did not wear shirts and I didn't have the time it would take to add covering to all the visuals.
Click here to print the Pictures to Color.

A couple of us prefer to use these half page visuals for VBS. I print on cardstock, cut & laminate and put thin magnets on the back. They are easy use on a magnetic board since they can be put up and taken down as needed. One of the label pages and at least one of the picture pages are the same throughout the 4 lessons. You can print one to use for all lessons; or print for each lesson to store all the needed pieces together. This includes the lesson with the corresponding numbers for the visuals. This contains the introduction to the plagues visuals only. See below to download the plagues visuals.
Click here to download.
 I didn't add each plague into the Magnetic Board Visuals because we used the posters that were printed larger and on the wall as one of the decorations. I did update the Plagues MBV that I had created using Cathy's though. Click the links below if you want to see them.

Click here for part 1 and  here is part 2 and here is part 3.
Click here to see the lesson and printables for preschool.
Use the search bar on the right to see more for the 10 Plagues.

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