Monday, October 22, 2018

God makes the Forest Animals: Raccoons
Raccoons were one of the specific animals we studied when we looked at forest animals.
They loved the masks on the raccoons!
We began our study about raccoons with these information posters I created. They are two to a page to save printing. They have a real photo and information text easy for preschoolers to understand and hold their interest. Click here to download the posters.
These are an easy project and they love seeing it as it is put together.
I found some great free raccoon worksheets here.
I used a couple papers from this free set.
I found these masks at Hobby Lobby. You can cut masks out of cardstock, construction or
foam. I figured once I bought what I wanted, it was cheaper to buy these already finished. And, they asked for them. They didn't want them cut down so they could play super hero too.
I made these posters two per page to save ink. These are real photos of the animals that live in the forest and woods. I tried to find full body photos of each animal in their natural habitat. These are in color only. Click here to download.

General information about raccoons for posters found here.
We looked at these books from the library, but The Kissing Hand and Brave Little Raccoon were favorites.

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