Monday, November 19, 2018

God Makes the Desert Animals
 This is part of our preschool learning we did at home. It includes ideas that can be used at home to learn about God and the Bible. *This is intended for home use or preschool (or kindergarten) classes. They are not intended for Bible class unless the lesson and printables are Bible instruction.*
This Desert Animals poster pack has two animals per page to save ink. They are in color only.
I purchased this habitat pack and the kids love using stickers! I used the Desert set from this pack.
We used this free cactus craft here to make the desert scene.
Click here to download the cactus maze and a desert scene with animals to color or paint.

Click here to see a free Desert animal habitat pack.
They enjoy playing with the Toob animals. We used the Desert set.
They loved Creatures of the Desert World (super pop-up book)
Here are a couple more choices for desert animal books.

I found it was easier to study a specific animal instead of the whole group.
So, we looked at the following in-depth:
   Camels (December 3rd)           Coyotes (December 10th)             Jackrabbits (November 26th)
Click here to see the list and links of the other animal habitats in this series.

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