The Good Samaritan Man Song

Thursday, November 29, 2018
Here is a new song by Jeanne Dickson about the Parable of the Good Samaritan.
There is a set of pictures that can be attached to large craft sticks.
A set of stand-ups are included also.

Thank you to Jeanne Dickson for sharing these songs! Jeanne has given permission to add the songs to flipcharts and share with you. This set has the standard one-page black & white song and the color flipchart. Because several of the pages are one line, I also included the pictures without the song that can be attached to large craft sticks. These can be used with the song, as a lesson visual, or for review. This has been updated to use the tune 'Love Lifted Me.'  Click here to download.
Directions: Print these stand-ups on cardstock. Fold the backgrounds in half and they are ready to use. Cut around the solid outside line and fold on the dotted lines to use them. Students love to use these. They can be used for the song, the lesson, review and/or student retell and take home. Click here to download.
This is an updated worksheet from an older cut and glue worksheet. I wanted something to add kids’ stickers to and less ink to print. You can purchase any children (or any people) stickers to use. I used these. Or, you can have the students write assorted ideas about treating others like God expects us to as you discuss “Who is our neighbor?” on the open edges of the paper. Or, add heart stickers with things like love others, love God, obey parents, etc.
Click here to see one of the lessons and printables available.

There are several choices for this lesson.
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