God Made the Solar System

Tuesday, December 4, 2018
This is one of the activities we did at home. Most of the activities are perfect for homeschool, kindergarten and grades 1-3.The crafts can be used for creation in Bible class. Although, I had a 2 year old, kindergartener, first grader and a third grader and they all enjoyed it.
I put together folders for them to store their solar system papers and projects. They loved this! It was fun for them to peek inside and see the songs and stickers and worksheets. They used these solar .system stickers to decorate the outside. Then, they added a lot of star stickers. We worked on solar system for two days and I actually enjoyed it because I had all the supplies left over from something else. Probably a creation lesson.
They liked this too. I had these glittery thick foam space shapes and I divided them up, put them in baggies and gave them a sheet of black construction paper. They could design it however they wanted. Michaels  Hobby Lobby
I designed the maze to get to the planets in order from the sun. They loved it!
They also made the mobile. Directions are included in the pack. They cut the pieces out, attached a piece of yarn to the sun, then attached the planets in order from the sun. No, I did not include Pluto because it is not considered a planet at this time. Although we did discuss Pluto in case it changes yet again.
Once everything is connected, hold the sun in one hand, then the end of the string in the other hand. They can move the planets around the sun. Or, just let them hold it in their hand like she is doing.
They asked to sing songs. I found these that they loved:
Well, there are a couple more... I just can't find where I found them!
Search for songs and there are a lot of free ones.
I printed the order of the planets from this freebie here.
I had a request for a creation number mobile.
We used this also... because God made the solar system and because I needed to make sure everything looked good once it was put together.☺ After printing on cardstock and cutting it out, I used a hole punch in the top center of the cloud for a loop to carry and hang it. Then I cut different lengths of yarn to hang the days. I left a space on the top of each to add a hole for the yarn with a hole punch. I also added 7 random holes along the bottom of the cloud. Click here to download the mobile.
These are the books I had for the solar system.
These are the ones they loved and wanted to read again:
The favorite was: My Best Pop-up Space Book  & God Made Earth

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