7. Kings: 5. Jehoram 6. Ahaziah

Friday, February 15, 2019
Lesson 7
5. Jehoram 6. Ahaziah
Kings #5 - #6 of Judah
2 Kings 8:16-24, 9:27-29, 11:1-3
2 Chronicles 21:1-22:9
5. Jehoram 2 Kings 8:16-24 & 2 Chronicles 21

Jehoram the king of Judah is the son of Jehoshaphat. He is mentioned as sharing the reign part of the time with his father. Jehoshaphat had given his sons silver, gold and other precious things. But, he gave the kingdom to Jehoram because he was the oldest.

He was 32 when he became the king and reigned for 8 years in Jerusalem. Once Jehoram had the kingdom in order, he killed his 6 brothers with a sword to give his own position more strength. He killed the other princes, too.
He was evil and worshipped idols and added more in the mountains. This caused the people to stray from God.  While studying this Jehoram, keep in mind that there was a King Jehoram of Israel that was king at the same time. They are both called Jehoram and/or Joram. This Jehoram is referred as the son of Jehoshaphat.
There were several revolts during his time. And Elijah sent him a letter saying because he followed the idols and had killed his brothers, God was sending him and his family a serious illness that would make their intestines come out of their bodies. They would get sicker by the day.
God sent the Philistines and Arabians into Judah. They took away all the things they found in the king’s house including his sons and wives. The only son left was his youngest son Jehoahaz.
Then he became sick with the incurable disease of his intestines. It took 2 years, but his intestines came out and he was in severe pain when he died.  The people didn’t mourn him and he was buried in Jerusalem (but not in the tomb of the kings) and his son Ahaziah became the next king.
6. Ahaziah 2 Kings 8:24, 9:27-29,11:1-3, 2 Chronicles 22:1-9
Ahaziah was the son of Jehoram became the king of Judah when he was 22 years old. He was a king for 1 year in Jerusalem. His mother was Athaliah. He worshipped idols and not God.
Ahaziah went to see King Joram of Israel because he was wounded in a battle against the Syrians. It happened that Jehu shot Joram in the back with an arrow and he died. Ahaziah ran and hid in Samaria, but Jehu found him and killed him.
All of his brothers had been taken, so there wasn’t anyone to take power of the kingdom of Judah. When Ahaziah’s mother Athaliah learned that he had died, she killed all the other royal heirs and became queen of Judah. 

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