8. Kings: 7. Athaliah 8. Joash

Friday, February 22, 2019
Lesson 8
7. Athaliah 8. Joash
Queen #7 & King # 8 of Judah
2 Kings 11:1-12:21
2 Chronicles 22:10-24:27
 When Athaliah learned that her son Ahaziah had been killed, she killed the other royal heirs and became queen of Judah.
But, Ahaziah’s sister saved Joash while the others were being killed and hid him with his nurse in the bedroom. They hid him in their house for 6 years.
In 2 Chronicles 22, we are told that Jehoshabeath was the daughter of King Jehoram. She was Ahaziah’s sister. She was married to Jehoiada the priest. She is the one that saved Joash.
During her 7th year of reign, Jehoiada the priest brought bodyguards and escorts to Joash’s house. They were to keep their weapon handy and keep young Joash safe. The priest gave the army captain hundreds of spears and shields that had been King David’s and were kept in the temple.
The escorts surrounded Joash in the temple and put a crown on him. They anointed him king, clapped their hands and said “Long live the king!”
When Queen Athaliah heard the noise, she went to the temple and saw Joash crowned the king. They were happy and blowing trumpets. She tore her clothes and shouted “Treason! Treason!” Jehoiada the priest told the army captain to take her outside and kill her with the sword because he didn’t want her killed in the temple.
Jehoiada made a promise between God, King Joash and the people to follow God’s law. All of the people went to the temple of Baal and tore it down and broke it into pieces. They took down all the altars and images.
The people were happy and Joash was 7 years old when he became the king of Judah and reigned for 40 years in Jerusalem. He is also called Jehoash. He followed God’s laws while Jehoiada the priest was alive.
Joash told the priests to take the money that was donated to the temple and use it for repairs. During the 23rd year of Joash’s reign, King Joash asked the priests why the temple had not been repaired.
Jehoiada put a hole in a chest and put it where people could put in their contributions. The money was collected by the king’s scribe and high priest put it into bags and paid the workers for their labor on the temple.
Jehoiada the priest was 130 years old when he died. After the priest died, the leaders of Judah went to Joash and they began to worship idols again. God sent prophets to talk to them; but they refused to follow God’s laws. Joash allowed them to stone Jehoiada’s son when he tried to remind them of God.
In the spring, the Syrian army attacked Judah and killed all the leaders and Joash was severely wounded. Joash’s servants conspired together and killed him while he was in his bed. He was buried in Jerusalem; but, not in the tombs of the kings. His son Amaziah became the next king.
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  1. There is a mistake in your “King Joash of Judah” worksheet. Question #4 says “Josiah” instead of “Joash.” Thank you for sharing all your hard work. I love your material and use it often when teaching K-1 Bible class.

    1. Thank you for telling me! It has been corrected and you can download it @ https://drive.google.com/file/d/12sltq3ipyly_oO6iE4imEiwr1EU4EgG5/view?usp=sharing


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