Monday, February 11, 2019

Quick Bible Quiz Part 2
 Quick Bible Quiz is by Jeanne Dickson. Jeanne has permitted me to share the ideas, questions and answers and make and share the  printables for you!
There are two songs by Jeanne, too!
There are over 20 different topics and each topic has 20 questions each. That is a lot of Bible knowledge! Because of the size of the PDF and the amount of work, I have separated them into 5-6 topics per post. Each post will show Jeanne's photos of how she uses the cards for those that start at a link other than this second one.
Scroll down past the quiz instructions pictures to see the same questions as worksheets.

Part 2 includes the following topics:
7. A Few Firsts
8. A Helper I Will Be
9. Bible Children
10. Father Knows Best
11. Ghostly Spirits & Devilish Demons
12. How Old Am I?
 Jeanne uses a poster board to store the questions that will be used.
This can be attached to a wall or door or bulletin board. If you look close, you will see slits cut into the poster board for the questions to slide into with a point value on the front of each section. You will need to add a cardstock piece of paper to the bottom of the back to hold the questions.

Or, you can purchase pre-made pockets to hold the questions like these.
This box holds questions that are ready to use and questions that have been answered.
 She makes a score sheet like this.
When the class had to switch rooms, Jeanne designed a new box out of an envelope box to hold the questions instead of using the poster board on the wall/door.
Each of the topics would make a great lesson! So, I created these black & white worksheets to use for Bible study. A teacher's answer sheet is included also. The scriptures are listed and can be looked up and students can fill in the blanks. Then, use the Quick Bible Quiz cards for review. Click here to download.
Another way to use the Quick Bible Quiz cards: 
Another way to use these Bible quiz cards would be to make it like a game. Students can be one-on-one or divided into groups. We use these Answer Buzzers to review the facts that we learned. When they see these buzzers, they get so excited! Now it a fun learning game! They actually came to class asking if we were doing the buzzer questions! I set up a TV tray and we set a buzzer on each end to use them. See them here.
Both of these songs are a one-page song and each has the black & white and color flipchart.
Click to see the other topics in this series:

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