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9. Kings: 12. Jehoahaz 13. Jehoash 14. Jeroboam 2 15. Zechariah 16. Shallum
Lesson 9
12. Jehoahaz 13. Jehoash 14. Jeroboam 2 15. Zechariah 16. Shallum
Kings #12 - #14 of Israel
2 Kings 13:1- 2 Kings 14:23-29
12. Jehoahaz 2 Kings 13:1-9
While King Joash of Judah was in his 23rd year of reign, Jehoahaz the son of Jehu became the king of Israel. He was a king for 17 years in Samaria. Like the other kings of Israel, he was evil and worshipped the golden calves.
God was angry and let the Syrians take them into captivity by King Hazael of Syria. The Syrians burdened the people and King Jehoahaz pleaded with God to help them.
God answered and they escaped the Syrians and went back to their tents. They still did not follow God’s laws and worshipped the golden calves.
There were only 50 horsemen, 10 chariots and 10,000-foot soldiers left in his army.
When he died, his son Joash became the king of Israel.
13. Jehoash 2 Kings 13:9-13
While King Joash of Judah was in his 37th year of reign, Jehoash the son of Jehoahaz became the next king of Israel. He was a king for 16 years. He was like the other kings and did not follow God’s laws. He worshipped the golden calf that Jeroboam made.
Elisha was the prophet at the time and he was sick and would eventually die from this illness. Jehoash went to visit him and cried when he saw Elisha.
Elisha told Jehoash to “Take a bow and some arrows. Put your hand on the bow.” Elisha put his hands on top of Jehoash’s hands. He told Jehoash to open the east window and shoot an arrow.  Elisha told him that he would win against Syria and that he was to attack at Aphek and destroy them all. Then Elisha told him to use his arrows and hit the ground with them. Which Jehoash did; but he stopped after 3 arrows. 
Elisha was angry and said he should have shot 5 or 6 times! He could have destroyed Syria! But, since he only shot 3 times, he would only attack Syria 3 times.
King Hazael of Syria fought against Israel the whole time Jehoash was the king. God was watching over them and when Hazael died, and his son became the king, Jehoash was able to recapture some of the cities that had been lost in other battles. Jehoash won 3 battles against the Syrians.
During his second year of reign, Amaziah became the king of Israel. He won some battles which made him feel victorious and eager to fight against King Jehoash. Amaziah sent a message to Jehoash stating he wanted to face him in battle. But, Jehoash sent a story back as a reply.
It said there was a thistle in Lebanon that sent a message to the cedar in Lebanon “Give your daughter to my son as his wife.” But a wild animal went by and trampled the thistle. Jehoash said “Be satisfied that you have conquered Edom! Stay home and don’t cause fights that you will lose and take down Judah with you!”
But, Amaziah didn’t listen and they went to battle. Jehoash won the battle and captured King Amaziah of Judah at Beth Shemesh. Jehoash went to Jerusalem and broke down the wall of Jerusalem 400 cubits from the Gate of Ephraim to the Corner Gate. He took all the gold and the silver and all the articles in the temple. He also took treasures from the king’s house along with hostages and returned to Samaria.
When he died, his son Jeroboam became the king. He was buried with the other kings of Israel.
14. Jeroboam the 2nd 2 Kings 14:23-29
The first king of Israel was Jeroboam, so this king is referred to as the second. Jeroboam was the son of Jehoash. He became the king of Israel and reigned for 41 years. He lived in Samaria. He was evil and didn’t follow God’s laws.
 There was an earthquake during his reign. See Amos 1:1.
God gave back some of the land of Israel from Damascus to Hamath during his reign. 
When Jeroboam 2 died, his son Zechariah became the king.
15. Zechariah  2 Kings 15:8-12
While King Azariah of Judah was in his 38th year of reign, Zechariah became the king of Israel. He lived in Samaria and ruled for 6 months. He was the son of Jeroboam 2.
He did evil like the other kings of Israel and didn’t worship God.
Shallum conspired against him. He struck Zechariah and killed him in front of the people.
God had told King Jehu that his ‘sons’ would be the king for 4 generations and He had kept his promise. (2 Kings 10:30 & 2 Kings 15:12-13)
16. Shallum 2 Kings 15:13-16
Shallum was the son of Jabesh. He became the king of Israel during the 39th year of King Uzziah of Judah. He was king for a ‘full month’ before Menahem struck him and killed him. Menahem became the next king.
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