Bible Facts Flash Cards

Monday, March 25, 2019

This is an updated file from an old post.
I use these almost every week.
Anytime I have extra time, these are used for a quick Bible review.
You can put them in any order and delete any you don't want to use.
This set is two per page and in color only.
This pack has been updated from the above pack. It is a bit more ink friendly. This is better for your non-readers. There is a picture only. Print the sheet with the picture (2 per page), then insert back into the print to print the question and answer on the back. Click here to print.
** This is the latest updated pack! If you printed the above pack, you can add the first 4 pages (= 2 pages printed on front and back) with a couple of additions. These are questions I just always ask as we do the cards, but decided to add them as flash cards for others.
This pack has the same questions, but without the graphics.
These are plain black & white as shown, but can be printed on color paper if you prefer.


  1. Delighted that I found your site! Your story sounds a lot like mine. I've been teaching bible class a long time at a small congregation and typically with a range of ages. I have been making most of my own bible class material (search on Pinterest for craft/take home ideas) I appreciate your work SO much! God Bless your efforts!

  2. My story is much like "Unknown". Our church is small and without a large budget. I have been using your teaching tools for a few years and appreciate the fact that you provide all of this at no charge. I know that God has blessed these materials because I can see the affect they have had on my students. I can't thank you enough!

  3. Hello, Sister, My story is similar to yours. I started in a larger congregation but am now in a smaller congregation. I teach a class with several different age children. I'm getting old but I'll teach as long as God gives me the strength to do so. I've been teaching for 52 years. I was so happy to find a church of Christ link. THANK YOU! I have something to share that you can use on your site. How can I share

    1. Hello, you can send an email to with your ideas, pictures and how you would like credits worded. Thank you.


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